Fun Things To Do At Saguaro Lake, Arizona

Being at the lake is the good life. We know this for a fact because we live right next to the lake, saguaro lake that is! If you’ve never experienced saguaro lake life for yourself, you’re missing out! In my quest to persuade you to travel out to saguaro lake this summer, I’ve compiled a list of things you must do while at Saguaro Lake, Arizona.

saguaro lake arizona

We’re not hiding it. We openly talk about our interest of lake living any chance we can. One of the very first stories ever written on this blog was about how lake life has changed us for the greater good. After 5 years on Saguaro Lake, we stand by our statement. We’re pretty much in love with life at Saguaro Lake, if you couldn’t tell already!

It was hard to just pick, but I have compiled a list of fun things to do at the lake this summer. Beaches are fun. Fancy hotels with swimming pools are great. There’s something about lake time, though, that makes my heart scream yes. Here are some fun things to do at Saguaro Lake, Arizona.


We absolutely love BOATING. Tour Boats such as The Desert Belle, or your own private boat! There are also boat rentals. If you love fishing, why not fish on the boat? Want to have a great steak and potatoes? Let’s eat on the boat. Enjoy live music, bands, food, & more on Desert Belle Cruises boat tours available Saguaro Lake, Arizona in the United States. Boating is for everybody, go out today!

Meals by the water

Grab a glass of wine and enjoy the sound of silence. Have a nice picnic next to the lake, or as mentioned above, on a boat! Most boat tours at lakes have private reservations with high end dining available. Looking to grill your own food? Most lakes come with grilling stations that are pre-built in for attendees! Grab some steak, burgers, and the ribs, we’re grilling today. Oh, don’t forget the potatoes!

Live Music

We’re fortunate to have many live bands at Saguaro Lake Arizona! We love sitting on the dock and humming to the music. Most boat tours around the United States have some form of live entertainment. Sometimes, a quality musician is all you need for live entertainment. Saguaro Lake has all kinds of live music throughout the week.


We love to fish! We are fortunate to live on Saguaro Lake, so it’s perfect for us! After a long day of work or school, you’ll likely see one of “The Boys” casting their poles out into the lake right off our dock. It’s one of the best ways to relax after a long day. Get anglin!~

Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is such an awesome water activity to do at Saguaro Lake. It’s really good exercise too! The lake water is calmer than being in the ocean so it’s the best place for newcomers. Just steer clear of any bigger boats!